Choosing The Right Type And Brand Harp

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It can be very overwhelming whenever you are going out to try to find the right harp for you. There are several different brands of harps and several different types. It is important that you are aware of the best type of harp that will suit your needs. Once you know what to look for, find the right harp for you can be very simple.

It is so important that your experience is something that you consider. Lever harps are less expensive and are typically the best when it comes to someone that is not as experienced. A pedal harp is for someone that has plenty of money and experience. These harps can be very complex as well as very expensive. When you are just starting out, a lap harp is usually the best way to go. They are small and can easily travel as well as be played. They are also good to fit any type of budget.
Regardless of the type of harp that you get, you will need to be sure that you get a brand that has everything that you are looking for. There are several different brands out there, to get an idea of what to expect, here is information on the main three brands to look out for.

Leon & Healy
This is the oldest harp maker around. Since 1885, they have been making quality harps. They have excellent quality with their harps. To give an example, the second harp of theirs that was ever made is over one hundred years old and still gets used daily.
These harps are built to last, with the right kind of care you will be able to pass this harp down for generations to come. They can provide you with years of sturdiness and reliability.

Salvi has dedicated themselves to making sure that each and every harp has an excellent sound. They have spent years researching to make sure that each and every harp is made with excellent construction to help with the warm and unmatched sound. With these harps, you can focus more on playing and less on tuning.
With these harps, they have a very distinct and warm sound that they are famous for. They are easily discernable among all of the other brands of harps. This brand will help you to play each and every note more beautifully.

Dusty Strings
Dusty Strings harps are excellently made and will provide the harpist with a level of consistency that they will come to love. You will always know when you are playing a Dusty Strings harp. They have a distinct feel and look that help them to stand out among all of the other brands of harps out there.
This particular brand uses CADD, which is computer aided design and drafting. What this means is that they are able to provide top quality fixtures as well as precision jigs. You can also count on the accuracy of these harps with their CNC, or their computer numerical controlled router.

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